Now You Should Listen to This, Because This Concerns You


In the movies, it’s common for a new prisoner to wait until lunch, then find the biggest, baddest dude in the room and beat him to a pulp. This shows he is not a bitch and is to be feared. Luckily for us, this isn’t prison and I don’t have to demonstrate my physical prowess.

Renai is taking a well deserved break from the site (we don’t want him going postal, do we?) and has asked me to look after Delimiter for the week he’s gone. Some of you may know me already, but for those that don’t, I’m Anthony Agius (aka, decryption), the co-founder of Australia’s largest Apple community, MacTalk and more recently, the founder of One More Thing, an iOS developer conference. I’ve even had a few of my articles re-posted here on Delimiter.

My job for the next week is to keep you guys in order. Basically, act like Samuel L. Jackson in Pulp Fiction, when the diner he is in gets held up by Pumpkin and Honey Bunny. Three Little Fonzies, that’s gonna be us. I may even write a few articles if I feel all inspired. Brenton Currie from the iTech Report will be keeping the content ticking over whilst Renai is gone. It should pretty much be business as usual, I’m just keeping Renai’s seat warm.


  1. You know, I would feel sorry for Anthony, with Delimiter’s activist audience, but I know the amount of stuff he’s dealt with on MacTalk :)

    • Also the PC must have Bacon 2.0 installed

      The mac only has Bacon 1.0 and the dev’s have said they won’t be releasing any new versions for the mac.

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