The many gestures of David Thodey


Telstra chief executive David Thodey has a somewhat distinctive way of moving his hands, as chronicled by a Telstra photographer at the telco’s annual results briefing section today. We’ve taken the liberty of classifying his movements into different categories for future reference. First up, we have The Claw:

As you might recall, we’ve seen this one before:

Next we have an expanded version, known as The Divine Claw:

Then Crane Behind the Waterlily:

Shaolin Knife-hand (sometimes known colloquially as The Angry Crane):

This one’s a combo: Three Fingered Jack meets Veil of the Jade Empress. Telstra CFO John Stanhope cringes — it’s not a combination usually seen in polite circles.

Commonly used by senior males listening to a friend tell the story of their youth. This one is Monkey Grasps The Nectarine.

Of course, not all gestures require the use of the hands. We’ll conclude with this one because it’s a classic facial expression often used by senior executives talking those of a lower station. It’s called: Heavenly Father. Thodey’s a master at it.

Caught Thodey at other commonly known gestures? Post them in the comments below.

Image credits: Telstra


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