Will Telstra wholesale its Next G network?


Huge news arrives today courtesy of iTNews (click here for the full article), which reports that Telstra has started discussions with other carriers to allow wholesale access to its flagship Next G mobile network. iTNews reports:

“A Telstra spokeman refused to confirm or deny the move … “We have always said that we would consider wholesaling Next G if it was commercially viable to do so,” the spokesman said.”

Up until now, of course, Telstra has kept its Next G network to itself, while Optus has been more flexible with its favours, allowing a whole range of companies (Amaysim, for example, but also iiNet and Internode) to use its infrastructure. The entrance of Telstra into the wholesale mobile market will be likely to cause an absolute upheaval in the space, given the quality and speed of the big T’s network compared with that of Optus and Vodafone. Of course, it remains to be seen whether other telcos would pay what we expect will be some pretty high prices to resell Next G ;)

Image credit: Telstra


  1. Fingers crossed. I despise using Telstra for my mobiles however my house (which is a short walk from the center of Perth) is in an Optus/Vodafone blackspot.

    This will definitely change the industry… well, depending on wholesale costs.

  2. It might be a case of too little too late with this. Everyone is already with Optus and can likely get a better rate from the number two.

    • No everyone is not ‘already with Optus’ Telstra are No 1 with mobile subscribers of all types.

      • quick Alain jump on nightkhaos NO MATTER WHAT HE HAS SAID

        You do know Alain that nightkhaos is referring to everyone is already buying off Optus for 3g as Optus is already reselling…..

        • Fair enough, I thought he meant ‘everyone’ as being end user subscribers not resellers, comment retracted then.

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