Mana Bar Melbourne opens 16 July


It’s taken quite a bit longer than expected, but trendy video game-focused cocktail bar the Mana Bar today finally confirmed the launch date for its Melbourne facility as 16 July this year.

The Mana Bar was initially launched in Brisbane’s Fortitude Valley in March 2010 as one of the first venues in Australia to specifically focus on the fusion of video game entertainment with a more social setting than players’ loungerooms. The bar offers a number of video games designed to be played in a social setting on large screens, along with a cocktail menu and regular special events.

The bar’s expansion into the Sydney and Melbourne markets was announced in August last year, but it has taken a while for its founders’ plans to come to fruition. The Melbourne bar will be located in Fitzroy’s Brunswick Street.

“It has taken us a little bit longer than expected,” manager Guy ‘Yug’ Blomberg said in a video published today. “We did plan to open it and announced that we would open it in December last year, but obviously it’s taken just a little bit longer than that, due to situations outside our control.”

“Believe me, no one has wanted to open this venture than we have and I can finally announce to you guys that we will be opening the doors to the public on Saturday 16 July.”

The launch, according to Yug, will be “crazy”, “huge” and “massive”, with the Melbourne facility opening at midday on the launch day, with prizes, tournaments, celebrities in attendance, giveaways and a line-up of events planned.

“I can’t wait to see you all here,” he said, “see you come to the bar, try out our cocktails, play some games, and again, thank you so much for your support.”

The bar’s Melbourne offshoot may receive a boost through one of its founders, Ben ‘Yahtzee’ Croshaw, a prominent video game reviewer and humorist who runs the Zero Punctuation video blog. Melbourne is Croshaw’s home city, and the reviewer maintains a strong local fan base. The bar’s other founders are Shay Leighton and Prasant Moorthy, with the quartet being joint owners in the Mana Bar enterprise. See below for some photos of the Brisbane venue.

Image credit: The Mana Bar


    • Tezz, Have you ever been to the Mana bar?

      Admittedly I’ve only been once to Brisbane (live in Sydney) It was almost a 50:50 ratio when I was there.

      I also felt old, I am 30+.

  1. “Melbourne is Croshaw’s home city”

    Are you sure about this? He’s always mentioned Brisbane whenever he talks about his home on his blog or his video reviews (I’m 99% sure I saw him in EB Games in the Brisbane CBD once). And obviously he grew up somewhere in pommie land.

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