Full video: Telstra’s NBN deal press conference


In this video, published by the Australian Labor Party, the Federal Government, Telstra and NBN Co reveal at a press conference in Canberra last Thursday that they have finally inked the $11 billion deal which will see Telstra’s infrastructure made available to NBN Co to speed up the NBN rollout, and Telstra’s fixed-line customers migrated onto the NBN as it is rolled out across Australia over the next decade.

Present at the press conference are Prime Minister Julia Gillard, Communications Minister Stephen Conroy, Finance Minister Penny Wong, Telstra CEO David Thodey and NBN Co CEO Mike Quigley. The video does not contain the Q&A session of the press conference, but solely the speeches on the day by the politicians and executives attending.


  1. Nice video of a historical moment. Quigley, Thodey and everyone else should be congratulated for making this happen. I will save the video and look back on it in 20 years time thinking “This is the deal that made this awesome network a reality” I’ll also be thinking how hard it was for people to upload 14 minutes of HD video with the crummy connections we had back then.

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