Full video: Gillard + Conroy on Telstra separation


In this video published by the Australian Labor Party, Prime Minister Julia Gillard and Communications Minister Stephen Conroy, accompanied by Minister for Infrastructure and Transport and Leader of the House of Representative for Labor Anthony Albanese, discuss Labor’s parliamentary victory on broadband. The full transcript is available online, but here’s a representative snippet:

Today once again we’ve seen Mr Abbott play the role of wrecker – negative, bitter, and his side of politics in an absolute shambles unable to deliver even the most simple mechanisms in the Parliament to pursue their own agenda.

Against that relentless negativity, the Government today has delivered a win for Australian families and Australian businesses. The legislation that has finally been passed today is there for the National Broadband Network, part of preparing for the National Broadband Network, and new superfast broadband will transform the way we deliver health services. Will transform the way we deliver education services, and will transform productivity in our economy.

Video credit: Australian Labor Party