‘Why am I here?’ wonders Brumbies player


We couldn’t help but be amused by this video shot at the opening of CA’s new Canberra office. Not only does Senator Kate Lundy wax a little too lyrical about “one of the most exciting projects I’ve seen for a long time” — the implementation of CA performance analysis software for the Brumbies — but we couldn’t help feeling Brumbies player Patrick Phibbs probably wished he was somewhere else during the entire process. Uncomfortable, much?


  1. Ahh the good old celebrity endorsement. They must seem like a good idea in PR theory, but always turn out a bit butt clenchingly embarassing when you attend the event.

    My personal favourite was once watching South African rugby legend Francois Pienaar open a speech … “Leading a team to world cup glory is in many ways similar to implementing a successful ….”


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