Sydney eCommerce CMS player takes $15m


News of another medium-sized Australian software as a service company taking significant amounts of investment from US venture capitalists was broken in July on TechCrunch. We didn’t notice back here in Australia at the time (although StartupSmart did), but the Sydney Morning Herald has the complete story this week:

“Sydneysiders Eddie Machaalani and Mitchell Harper started coding software in a spare room above their mate’s mobile phone shop, working 18 hour days and sleeping on couches in their makeshift office. But this month they became Australia’s latest high-tech success story after their company, BigCommerce, was injected with a $15 million investment from a large US venture capital firm.”

BigCommerce’s blog post on the investment is here. Sounds like the company is planning on growing fast:

“We’re also building out our senior management team to help us execute on our vision. Open positions include VP of Marketing, CFO and VP of Engineering. You can see all of our open roles on our careers page. We’re also hiring in sales, support, marketing and QA. We have over 70 awesome people at the moment and will end the year in the triple digits.”

Our only worry is that we hope the company gets the right executive mix during its hiring process. Bringing a VP of marketing, a CFO and a VP of engineering on board all at the same time could be a bit chaotic for a growing startup. Here’s hoping the company stable and keeps on growing fast.

Image credit: Miguel Ugalde, royalty free