Oh dear: Microsoft, SAP chiefs can’t spell


You’d think after graduating to the top of the pile and being appointed to run the Australian divisions of global technology giants like Microsoft and SAP, you’d be able to get simple spelling right. Apparently not, judging by several tweets by Microsoft’s Asia-Pac chief Tracey Fellows. First there was this one:

That was quickly followed up with this:

Not to be outdone, SAP Australia chief Tim Ebbeck replied with the same poor spelling:

Oh dear.


  1. That’s how you know they’re authentic. Like the “hand-made” glassware with tiny imperfections…

    • I have taken some flak for this article. But I think what most amused me here was not the initial mistakes Tracey made, but the way Tim repeated the ‘tattoo’ one. It made it seem like a comedy of errors … between MDs.

  2. It was the misspelling of Spielberg that annoyed me. If you’re not sure how to spell someone’s name, you Google it first. Especially when the man in question is a world famous film director!

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