The return of Telstra’s 3G hotspot in a thong


Remember the Telstra-funded video where some guy on YouTube cut a chunk out of a common thong and inserted a 3G Wi-Fi hotspot into the cavity thus created? He’s back … and this time he does the same thing, but tacks on the sole from a sports shoe, to create “the fasted mobile Wi-Fi’ing thong you’ve never built”.

I have to say, we understand that Telstra has a marketing budget like so no other, and this extends to experimental “social media” initiatives like funding half-baked YouTube videos, but we would really have loved to have been a fly on the wall in the meeting where this one got approved.

Can’t you just imagine it? “He’s put a 3G modem … in a THONG!” one Telstra executive would exclaim with breathless delight. “Can you imagine the genius? It’s in a THONG! Generation Y will love the crazy zaniness of it all, it’ll go viral and be on Mumbrella and we’ll use it as a case study to create a whole new social media marketing department within Telstra. To conquer the world!”

Well, so far the experiment seems to have bombed, with 43 views on this one and a whopping 5,309 on the first video, despite poster ads for it having been plastered around campuses around Australia, if the posters we saw at Macquarie University the other day are any indication. But how could it? The idea is clearly genius and worth funding further — it’s a 3G hotspot … IN A THONG! Someone throw more money at this guy!


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