Telstra’s Ultimate Wi-Fi: Get a closer look


In this video, Telstra gives customers a closer look at the dual-channel HSPA+, 802.11n-capable battery powered 3G Wi-Fi hotspot it launched this morning … along with a few cameos of the Motorola Xoom tablet it’s also selling. Looks like a pretty solid little device — with quite a few more settings and a better management interface than previous Telstra offerings we’ve seen.

Video credit: Telstra


  1. These sort of devices are a good idea but it’s still going to be pretty much a small market.

    The only time they’re really going to be useful is when you’re away from your primary connection and there are 2 or more people that need to connect simultaneously, ie. probably not very often.

    Still, will wait to see how well they go in the market.

    • I think the ability of modern smartphones to share their 3G connection via Wi-Fi will eventually make them obsolete, but they still have a place.

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