Telstra creates 3G Wi-Fi hotspot … in a thong


blog Yes, you read the headline right. In what appears to be yet another stroke of marketing genius, Telstra has paid some larrikin (or is it one of its own employees?) to cut a square shape in a common thong, and insert a 3G modem to create a mobile Wi-Fi hotspot … before heading to “the chicken shop” wearing it.

The ingenuity of this idea has to be seen to be believed. In fact, our only question is, when will this revolutionary product go on the market? And secondly, when is Telstra going to get off its couchsurfing butt and send us a review model? We promise to road-test it in the harshest of conditions — grabbing a few beers with the tradies on a Friday afternoon at the Coogee Beach Hotel.

Video credit: Telstra


  1. Thanks God i’ts an Australian thong. If it were a thong as known in the US, this would be a much freakier invention..

  2. This is Telstra trying to “connect” to it’s customers by making a video look like it’s amatuer-made. Pathetic.

  3. Whew! What a relief. From the headline I was half expecting David Thodey in a mankini. Not a pleasant thought.

  4. Interesting concept, except it won’t work because he is not using the right thongs. He needs to be using the G’Day Matee double plugger thongs. Better quality, longer lasting. Sizes ip to size 16 – believe it….

  5. Thanks for that. I’ll never be able to get that image out of my head now! On a positive note, maybe that will bring the telstra Shaw price up? :)They could call it the “T-string”

  6. “yet another stroke of marketing genius” you either need to get out more or declare this is a paid advertorial.

  7. I doubt it’d take off since it’d most likely break within days ;) All the person has to do is slip down the stairs 1 step….

  8. The only question is, how many Mtps does it deliver in a crowded, contended chicken shop?

    (Yes folks, I just invented the concept of “megathongs per second”)…

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