Telstra details South Brisbane fibre upgrade


Telstra has published some fascinating details in this video about the fibre to the home replacement for its copper network in the area served by its South Brisbane exchange. Once you skip past the hippie coffee barista bit, there’s some great information about when residents in the area will get fibre, how it will be installed and so on. If you live in the area, it’s pretty much a must-watch … if you can get past the dollop of sugar coating Telstra has ladled all over its information ;)


  1. um why are they bothering with fibre optic connections when wireless is the way of the future ???? (Sorry deliberate troll for mr. turnbull).

    Nice video though. Maybe NBNco could borrow some ideas.

  2. theHam, Do you even know anything about fibre optics? It has unlimited speed potential your only limited by the hardware that is connected.

    Wireless is limited on the band it’s being broadcasted on, the hardware, the environment, signal strength and other things. Also you pay more for Wireless and must wait for the carrier to update it’s towers to get faster speeds.

    Sorry but Fibre Optics is the only way to push Australia into the 21st century.

    • Hey Stuart,

      I agree fibre optics is the way to go. Wireless can in no way compete with what a fixed fibre optic connection for business and resiential users actually want to use it for. Wireless just doesn’t make sense by itself. The fact that telstra has chosen fibre optics to serve the people of south brisbane should make that fairly clear. The comment on wireless being better was meant to be sarcastic and leveled at the ongoing wirless vs fibre optic debate headed up by malcolm turnbull. Sorry if my point wasn’t as clear as it could have been (i thought the turnbull/troll reference shoudl have covered that!)

      Getting back to the video i like what telstra have done and i think nbn co should start producing something along these lines tailored for each community they are deploying the network to try and build up some community/grass roots support for the project (unless they already doing so and i missed the boat).

      • “The comment on wireless being better was meant to be sarcastic and leveled at the ongoing wirless vs fibre optic debate headed up by malcolm turnbull.”

        Except Turnbull has never stated a ALL wireless solution is a replacement for FTTH, so the sarcasm is lost.

        • elaine, no one can even facetiously have a playful dig at your precious Libs without you sobbing, getting all defensive and narky…

          FFS lighten up and open your eye (yes singular).

        • Alain, i don’t think any right minded individual participating in the pro/anti/ambivalent side of the NBN discussion is stating that an ALL wireless solution is a replacement for FTTH, let alone me. To reiterate NBNco is doing a mixed fibre to the home/satellite/wireless mix. The liberals, i think it is fair to say, believe that wireless should play a larger part of the mix which (last time i checked) malcolm turnbull is heading up that side of the argument. I like the NBN concept but I have a lot of respect for malcolm turnbull and his ideas though i also think he could take a bit of sarcasm.

          To clearly state the intentions of my original post stripped of all sarcasm for the sake of both Alain and Stuart (the original person replying)

          – I found it noteworthy that Telstra chose to replace an entire exchange with a fibre to the home solution in a urban environment and not a wireless solution. I think there is some relevance to the ongoing wireless/fibre NBN discussion.
          – I like the video that telstra did and maybe NBNco should look in to doing something simliar

          What i find really interesting is that my comment has been taken to mean something completely different by two different people. The first by Stuart in that fibre is crap – which i don’t agree with or meant with my comments. The second being to misrepresent malcolm turnball/the liberal’s ideas and they are crap – which i don’t agree with or meant with my comments. My lesson learnt from this is to stay away from the sarcasm (as it really can get lost on people over email/comments even with stating that it is meant to be sarcastic) and that people will take your comments out of context and assume you are attacking their personal views! That plus how much fun do blog comments/arguments give everyone!

    • Speed of light is the hard limit on speed, as for bandwidth… hardware that increases capacity over the strand will eventually hit it’s peak too.

  3. So Telstra require the exchange to be destroyed to roll out fibre?

    *eyes off local exchange*

  4. I love how Telstra are “upgrading” the infrastructure and service whilst at the same time they don’t replace the old with at least the equivalent – “if the power goes out your service won’t work. We can supply a box to help, but you’ll need to provide the battery”

    Gee, thanks. Will Telstra compensate house holders for the day off work while they wait for the tech to install the new gear, and given the variability on each install how many appointments will cancelled because an earlier install took longer?

  5. All Services upgraded? Or all Telstra Retail services upgrade, leaving all third party services delivered via ULL being stranded.

    • Telstra’s wholesale offerring is “you can buy low-speed services from us at high cost. oh, and no multicast or naked services”.

      competition in that area is getting screwed.

    • All services, yes – the reason for the change is the South Brisbane exchange is actually relocating, so there would have been a massive re-cabling exercise going on whether it have been fibre or copper.

      • The funny is, I have a bunch of ULL based services out of South Brisbane exchange and so far none of the wholesalers I use there have been able to give me a straight answer on what happens after Telstra cuts the copper.

          • Given the wholesalers I use are already signed up the the NBN mainland first stage trial, I think migrating across will not be an issue. I have seen no such assurances from Telstra about ULL services being migrated to equivalent services on their fibre network.

          • I am bit confused by that response, what’s the difference between a migrated ULL service to a NBN fibre service ‘not being a issue’ and a migrated ULL service to a Telstra fibre service hung of the Sth Brisbane exchange which is a issue?

          • So far I have not seen any public comments by Telstra Wholesale that they will sell access on the South Brisbane fibre network to other Telecommunication Carriers. The only reason Telstra Wholesale sells ULL and SSS services on the CAN (Copper Access Network) is due to the fact they were legally compelled to by Govt/ACCC. No such thing currently exists for Telstra FAN (Fibre Access Network).

          • Notice how limited the upload speeds are on those wholesale services? Useless for businesses on 10/10. 20/20 and 40/40 Ethernet over copper services. Which is what my clients use

            100 meg upload it easily done with GPON equipment. It is purely a business decision on Telstra’s part to destroy the ability for competitive carriers to access customers in that area.

          • Because on the NBN (final not trial), access seekers can deliver services that closely match existing services (Naked internet, multicast video).

            Secondly, NBN access is/will be priced a) as a level playing field and b) reasonably, neither of which can be said for Telstra wholesale fibre.

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