Victoria may block R18+ game rating


blog According to a report by The Age, Victoria’s new Liberal Attorney-General Robert Clark may be interested in blocking the introduction of an R18+ rating for video games … at least as it is currently being proposed:

‘‘The Coalition government is very concerned that the draft guidelines currently being proposed by the Commonwealth would legalise games with high levels of graphic, frequent and gratuitous violence, including violence against civilians and police … The Victorian government will decide our position based on our assessment of whether the final proposal will adequately protect the community,’’ he said.

*le sigh*

Image credit: Warner Bros Interactive Entertainment Australia


  1. I like to play games that teach me how to go shoot cops and innocent people, it’s saves me so much on wasted ammo with knowing how to exactly shoot someone, thanks computer games you’ve made me the mass murderer I am today

    • If you choose to hurt people in real life, then you’re showing some serious deficiencies in character and intelligence, not to mention a remarkable inability to distinguish between video games and reality. Most two-year-olds do a better job.

      Violent video games sublimate the urge to take out our fear and frustration on others. They are not a howto.

    • I know. I facepalm every time I see one of these sorts of statements. It’s as if, every time we have an election, or get a new state AG somewhere, we have to have this whole debate all over again. From scratch.

  2. Message to the A-G from a frustrated gamer:

    Just do it already or I’m moving back to a more civilised country with cheaper and faster Broadband and an R18 rating for games. Even if I have to lose the relaxed beach lifestyle and warm summers to do it.

  3. *Groan*. Gee, what a surprise that another conservative Christian Liberal doesn’t like violent video games. He probably gets his advice directly from the ACL.

    Looks like we’ve still got a real fight ahead of us.

  4. I wonder what is the demographic of liberal voters who play computer games ?

    I suspect it must be small, and the liberal states are partly motivated by the fact that its something federal Labor has wanted to do for a while, and they enjoy being a pain in the arse.

    But of course its hard to discount the fact these weirdo conservatives might actually believe that violent games make people violent.

  5. And we are supposed to believe that they DON’T intend on introducing an internet filter, if they gain government federally?

  6. So he’s concerned about violence against civilians and the police? We have many games now that have violence that includes this and falls into the MA15+ rating, he’s almost on the verge of suggesting a tightening of the laws.

    *le nanny state*

  7. If convervative christians wanted to stop violence that would ban christianity because it has been linked to a lot more violence than video games.

    • My major problem with this not about the ban on the R18 games.

      If the government wants to impose the “Nanny State” that is another argument, but there shouldn’t be any of this half arsed crap. Many of the MA15+ games should be rated R. In this regard I full heartedly agree with Family First etc. (wipe vomit of keyboard). There is no way a 15 year old should be able buy these games off the shelf.

      Once the games on the higher end of the MA15+ spectrum have been elevated in rating, then we should decide whether the adults of Australia should have access to them. When that debate is had, my vote would be for a resounding – OF COURSE WE SHOULD.

  8. Hi everyone, I have removed some comments here relating to a certain religious text. I appreciate that the spirit of the comments was in jest and fairly harmless, but I believe the general topic had the potential to anger some sections of the community. My apologies.

    Renai LeMay
    Publisher, Delimiter

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