Sponsored post: Who is Integ?


sponsored post Integ is an integrator of voice, communications and data network solutions for corporate and government in Australia. We’ve been in operation now for nine years, and have grown to a base of 165 people, spread across seven locations around the country — servicing some 600 customers.

One of the most important aspects of Integ is our focus on innovation.

Each year, when we do our business plan, we look at what we call ‘big bets’ around innovation. The first big bet, four years ago, was around our telephony as a service offering. We were the first non-carrier organisation in Australia to go to market with a communications as a service offering.

We are now focusing on what we call campsite entertainment, which is providing IP telephony, video content and entertainment content to remote mining sites.

From an individual’s perspective, because it is so remote in the locations that they are working, to get access to movies, to get access to content, to get access to video on demand, is very very important — because they are isolated from their families. From a mining company’s perspective, the ability to offer these services to the individuals is very important for them, and it also helps to address occupational health and safety concerns.

What does innovation mean?
Part of our innovation is in making it work. Providing these types of entertainment solutions in remote sites is quite complex. In fact we’ve been able to build these and make these work over a single network and in some cases over a single cable. So it’s a very, very complex solution set, and the innovation really comes from a combination of access to the right vendor equipment, the management, security, and also the right content that also needs to be coming in from remote locations.

We see innovation from a customer’s perspective and market perspective, and we also see innovation from the way we go about doing our business internally. Our role as an integrator is to continually look at what the products are on offer from our vendor partners, and then to be able to integrate those together to always look at new solutions and to be able to provide value-add to our clients.

That really, from an integrator’s perspective, is why innovation is so critical to us and our customers.

For more information on Integ, check out the company’s Integ Insider series of videos, or follow them on Twitter.


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