The Australian private cloud: Whitepaper repository


Delimiter is currently in the midst of publishing a major feature series on private cloud computing in the Australian context. So far we’ve attempted to define what private cloud means in Australia, and this morning we looked at the differing vendor offerings in the marketplace.

Over the next few weeks we’ll examine which Australian organisations have started using private cloud, and what the likely evolution of the technology might be in Australia.

In the meantime, however, we wanted to make available a number of whitepapers which suppliers have sent us on the matter, as an additional resource. All of the whitepapers are downloadable from the below links in PDF format.

The whitepapers range the full gamut of subjects, from the software involved in cloud computing to the hardware, from the practical right through to the top level and even into security. A trend running through them is a focus on attempting to cut through the ‘hype’ involved in cloud computing to get to the meaty reality of what is involved in implementing cloud solutions.

If you represent a technology vendor and would like to have your whitepaper added to the repository, please contact Delimiter publisher Renai LeMay by email. The repository is purely intended as a resource and we vet submissions for quality — several have already been rejected.

Image credit: joegus74, royalty free

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