Conroy’s R18+ decision


A feeble Delimiter Friday afternoon attempt at humour, based on the Rage Guy and other memes floating around at the moment online.


  1. i don’t care about R18. If i want a title i’ll buy it from overseas/torrent it

    But I do care about giving the government a capability to restrict sites that advocate harm minimisation, sexual identification and health, that will be banned, by either this or a future conservative government. It goes without saying that I don’t support a filter on porn and that crimes of exploitation of minors and such can be prosecuted using other forums, tools and systems.

    • You should care about R18. This isn’t about not having access to certain titles, this is about titles that should be classed as R18 placed in the MA15+ with minimal to no modification.

      The R18 and filter issue are linked, because they both point to a flawed classification system from the government, that needs desperate attention and a revamp before it becomes a huge adminstrative overhead.

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