Vodafone “pleased” with network fix progress


Mobile telco VHA this morning said it was pleased with the progress it had made in resolving customer complaints about its Vodafone brand, in reaction to the publication of a 30 page report by critic website Vodafail.com overnight, which details a raft of customer complaints about the telco.

The report, dubbed Vodafone’s situation: Yesterday, today and tomorrow was put together by Sydney resident Adam Brimo over the past month, using data collected from user submissions to his Vodafail website since it was established in early December. Brimo has submitted the document to regulators the Australian Competition and Consumer Commission and the Australian Communications and Media Authority.

In the document, Brimo notes the aim of publishing the report is to provide “an insight into the scale and complexity” of VHA’s network and customer service issues over the past few months from October 2010, as well as the potential causes of those issues, and potential resolutions.

In a statement issued in reaction to the publication of the report, a VHA spokesperson wrote today that the company valued all customer feedback, and had been working with customers that had contacted it directly to understand “the exact nature” of the issues thay had been dealing with, so that it could provide appropriate information and solutions.

“We are pleased with our progress in optimising the network following our issues last year,” the spokesperson said.

“While we will keep working and investing heavily in further improvements, drive testing results to determine actual network performance are pleasing. We have also launched a Network Status page on the vodafone.com.au website and are providing customers with detailed information on network investment by surburb and postcode in all states to show what we are doing to improve and grow our network.”

The telco added that it was increasing staffing levels within its customer service centres, appointing what it said was “a significant number of new employees” to provide “faster, more responsive service” to customers.

“We are commited to delivering a great customer experience and we’re always looking for new ways to improve customer satisfaction,” the company added.

Image credit: Gabriella Fabbri, royalty free


  1. I have to say, I’ve noticed an improvement in the Melbourne CBD (west end)…I’ve never really struck major issues with it, but was certainly a noticeably cleaner experience yesterday and so far today.

      • There is one spot in particular where I never get anything. Inside my regular train home at night – (which has metal film window tinting to interfere with the signal) – underneath the metal awning at North Melbourne railway station.

        Last night, clean as a whistle.

  2. My Vodaphone mobile cut twice yesterday while in transaction in an outdoor coffee shop in Potts Point. I only phoned out twice, short calls when I bought a $20 recharege, Vodaphone sent a dozen stupid text messages that my phone couldn’t decipher. Then I got a message saying that my credit had already expired. $20 for 2 days for Vodaphone’s stupid marketing texts that I’m expected to pay for. They should be charged with fraud!

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