A Christmas ode to Sol Trujillo and the National Broadband Network


blog Former Telstra chief executive Sol Trujillo might have had a bushy moustache and — on occasion — been filled with warmth and good humour, but that didn’t ever make the American executive reminiscent of Santa Claus. That is, unless you’re David Braue, who has penned a majestic and seasonally appropriate Christmas NBN poem which has mightily impressed us. Our favourite stanza:

“Now, Windsor! Now, Bandt! Now Lundy, you vixen!
On, Ludlam! On, Fielding! Xenophon, you tricked ’em!
It’s Christmas Eve and you’re all still here stuck —
I said when I left that you all could get … nicked!”

We think this is one of the most epic works of technology journalism this year and award it a gold star and an internet “FTW” rating of 10/10. Enjoy.

Image credit: Telstra