NAB/IBM outsourcing is going ahead


blog It’s the industry’s worst-kept secret, but it looks as if the National Australia Bank’s IT outsourcing initiative with IBM is finally official and going ahead, with some 425 staff reportedly shifting out of the bank and to IBM.

Bet they’ll love that. Putting the rubber stamp on the bank’s contract is head of Group Business Services Gavin Slater, in the Sydney Morning Herald:

“Keeping the bank safe as well as simplifying and improving our technology is a key strategic priority. Partnering with leading service providers is one way NAB is helping to achieve this.”

And, the newspaper added, NAB staff have been pressured to accept jobs at Big Blue. Well, we’ve seen all this before — anyone remember the same situation at Qantas?

We’ve had calls in with NAB for a week now to get a better picture on what’s going on, but we’re getting nowhere fast. What’s wrong, NAB, don’t you love us any more after we’ve treated you so well in the past? Figures :) Any NAB IT staff out there who want to fill us in on the inside goss — you know where the anonymous tips form is. Word.

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  1. I went from lend lease into the joint venture that is now IBM GSA, of course it was dominated by IBM and the cultured was awful compared to the Australian business. I feel a bit sorry for the NABers.

  2. I worked for PWC consulting which was absorbed into IBM – chalk and cheese as to how IBM treats people. I also worked in NAB IT at one stage – it was a good place back then, and I can tell you, you probably won’t like IBM if you’ve worked at the NAB. Also, be warned, IBM themselves have said that there probably won’t be a need for on-shore resources in future other than for Government work – your job WILL be outsourced (most likely to india) if it’s technical, and increasingly even if it’s functional.

    If I was a nabber I’d be seeking legal advice on getting a proper retrenchment package. You most likely won’t have a career (at all) , or even a job for very long, if you transition to IBM. If you do go to IBM, ask them if they will give the same retrenchment conditions as NAB, including your years served in NAB, but be warned , IBM is whittling away it’s retrenchment packages, and you just won’t be able to trust them.

    Also, any customers out there, be very afraid that these types of problems will happen again. The NAB did have very good , knowledgable people and QA, but this can’t be guaranteed under IBM’s stewardship.

    • I also worked in that branch of PWC for six months as an intern; I had to go about six rungs up the ladder before I could find someone (a partner) who would allocate me onto an actual project. So I wouldn’t say it was that great ;)

      Interesting re that onshore comment from IBM — where did you hear that?

      And yes, if I was working for NAB, I also would be seeking advice on how to get out of the IBM shift. It’s not as though there is a paucity of great in-house IT jobs going at the moment, particularly in financial services. If you’re at all senior you’re sure to land on your feet. Working at IBM wouldn’t be terrible — but it’s my opinion that there are better options out there for senior people.

      • Hi Reani,

        RE: Comment about on-shore work for government resources. Don’t remember source, but it was in the MSM, and I’m farily certain it was an admission from within IBM.

        RE: PWC Consulting. I’ll admit that some didn’t find it all good, perhaps I was one of the more fortunate ones (though I did come in as experienced, not an itern-perhaps that was where the difference was).

        RE: …’Working at IBM wouldn’t be terrible’. In my and many other colleagues experiences, it was terrible, unfortunately. The website is a virtual litany of dissatification across the western world. If yiou can locate some old exposes on IMB, look up Also, look at for employee perspectives – they all basically read the same.

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