Adam Internet joins terabyte party


Adelaide-based Adam Internet has become the latest internet service provider to offer its customers a broadband plan with a terabyte or more of download quota included.

Over the past several months, ISPs such as iiNet, Internode, TPG and Primus have launched plans with a terabyte of quota included, although not everyone agrees on the definition of such plans — with some saying that plans which offer 500GB of on-peak and 500GB of off-peak data don’t constitute a true terabyte plan.

Late last week Adam joined the party, revamping its broadband plans to include what it calls a “SuperChoice” plan with 500GB of on-peak and 500GB of off-peak data at ADSL2+ speeds for $120 per month.

The ISP will also offer 250GB+250GB plans for $90, 100GB+100GB plans for $60 and a variety of other plans ranging from a 4GB plan for $35 a month to a 500GB plan for $110 a month, all at ADSL2+ speeds. The ISP can also bundle its AdamTalk internet telephony phone package for an extra $10 per month, which is says includes $50 worth of credit.

Adam managing director Scott Hicks said the plans were developed to provide straightforward options, along with value for money. “As always, we remain committed to providing South Australians with simple and cost-effective internet options, and we believe there really is somethnig to suit everyone in our new suite of products,” he said.

Pricing varies wildly for the terabyte and ‘unlimited’ plans which some ISPs are offerings at the moment.

Fellow Adelaide-based group Internode, for example, offers a $129.95 terabyte plan, which comes down to $119.95 if a telephone line is bundled. However, if customers want the plan as a naked DSL option, they pay $149.95.

iiNet’s terabyte plan will cost $129.90 with phone line rental included. The ISP will cut the download quota included if no phone line is bundled in. Primus charges $99.95 for its terabyte plan, but the plan only appears to be available over its own infrastructure. TPG offers an ‘unlimited’ plan for just $29.99, but has also confirmed plans to offer a terabyte plan for $69.95 per month.

Image credit: Clix, royalty free