Video: Dell Streak flashmob takes over Circular Quay


Looks like Dell organised a wee little flashmob to take over Circular Quay to promote its new Streak smartphone/tablet, which launches on Optus on October 1. Good effort or extreme marketing gone too far? You be the judge. Personally, we’re quite impressed!


  1. It’s well done, but something rubs me the wrong way about corporately organised flash mobs used for advertisement. It goes against the grain of the whole concept and takes the fun out of it. Add that to the fact that they’re about 2 years too late and meh.

  2. I’m now banning that device from ever touching my hands – if a good advertisement is rewarded with people purchasing something then a bad, née terrible ad should be punished with abject disgust for the product. That’s my feeling in this case.

  3. Buddy, this is an ad and not a flashmob.

    You should know better than to propagate advertising like this.

    +1 Dell
    -1 Delimiter

    Agree with Sean, the sort of shite devalues a great product that is aimed at tech influentials. We’re far more discerning than this.

  4. If nothing else it looked more entertaining than the tired old human statues and techno didgeridoo.

  5. 1) Is it still a flash mob if they’re all paid performers? Kinda takes the “mob” out of it.
    2) How does this help to sell giant phones?

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