Internode cuts terabyte pricing by $30/month


Correction: This article incorrectly stated that Internode was no longer planning to offer the terabyte plans to customers who used Optus’ infrastructure. In fact, Internode never planned to offer the 600GB or terabyte plans to Optus wholesale customers. This aspect of the plans has not changed.

Internode has cut the prices on its new terabyte broadband plans by $30 a month, bringing them into closer in line with what the national broadband provider’s competitors are charging.

When the company first released its new Terabyte plans on 6 September, they ranged in price from $149.95 per month to $179.95 per month, depending on whether customers bundled a telephone line with them, as well as other details. In comparison, terabyte plans from iiNet and Primus cost customers between $99.95 per month and $119.95 per month, while other companies are charging even less — TPG’s service starts at $69.99 a month.

At the time, Internode claimed its plans were the only “true” terabyte offerings on the market, as they did not include off-peak and on-peak quotas, rather allowing customers to use the terabyte allowance at any time throughout the day.

However, launching the plans today, Internode unveiled a new pricing structure that saw its terabyte plans cut by $30 a month across the board — they will now cost between $119.95 and $149.95.

“Some of the plans have been improved in value compared to our initial announcement of these plans!” noted Internode managing director Simon Hackett (pictured) today.

“We’ve decided to reduce the cost of our use-anytime terabyte plan and boost the data quotas on three other new Internode Easy Broadband plans. We believe these new plans deliver excellent value points for anyone considering Internode.”

“An important differentiator for Internode’s T-Shirt plan range is that you can use your Internode data quota whenever you want. That’s in contrast to most high-end market plans that have split their quota into peak and off peak amounts, with the off peak only available for a minority of the time.”

Internode’s other revamped broadband pricing plans have not changed in price, but they have received additional quota — for example, the company’s ‘Small’ plan now comes with 150GB of data, compared with the previous 100Gb. It’s a similar case with the 200GB and 300GB plans — but not the 600GB plan.

The news represents the second time in the past few months that a prominent internet service provider has cut the pricing on a new offering before it even launched.

When iiNet first unveiled its internet television (IPTV) offering in mid-June, the company was planning to charge customers $29.95 per month to rent the required set-top box, along with a $149.95 setup fee, for a total spend of $868.75 over 24 months. Buying the set-top box outright was slated to cost cost $499, plus a monthly access fee of $19.95 over 24 months, for a total cost of $977.80 over 24 months.

But upon launch, iiNet had chopped the setup fee to $99 in the case of a monthly rental, or $399 in the case of an outright buy.

Internode also said today that within the next month, it intended to introduce other new plans in its Easy Broadband range — designed to meet the needs of SOHO customers — and also to revise its business ADSL plans.

Internode’s new plans:

And as they were originally announced:

Image credits: Internode


  1. Note the asterisk’s in the second table- the 600GB & 1000GB plans not being available on Optus was always announced. I recall reading it when they were first announced. They are also not available (at least, not yet) in some locations with limited backhaul. These include the rural SA areas Internode has had to build microwave backhaul to connect- but I have noticed some outage announcements in some of those areas for backhaul works so it might be short lived for them.

    • Cheers — yup, I’ve amended the article to reflect this. The part that had confused me was that other sections of the Internode blog post refer to the table and Optus support. I was also confused by the table including asterisks in some of the terabyte/600GB plans, but not others.

      Overall I feel Internode’s plans are extremely confusing.

      • Yeah, its a mix- but it kinda needs to be to cover everything. These plans are available unbundled, bundled with Telstra-resold phone & naked on Agile DSLAMs and also naked and bundled with optus-resold phone (but not unbundled) on Optus DSLAMs.

  2. It looks like the S/M/L plans aren’t available for Telstra ports. I checked my account, and none of the T-shirt plans were on offer in the plan-change menu.

    We’re currently paying $69.96 for 50GB download quota at 1500/256 kbps (up from 40GB only a couple of weeks back). So $59.95 for 150GB total would be much better value for us.

    Oh, the joys of being stuck on a Telstra-only exchange. :(

      • Yes Bryn that is the case, unless your exchange has dodgy backhaul like mine then only S/M/L are available. But I’m not fussed, I’ve switched over to the S plan, so gone from 60Gb to 150Gb and paying $10 less. Now uploads are counted though, but looking at past 3 months I’ve only uploaded like 10Gb each month and haven’t gone have the 60Gb…

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