Oh dear: McAfee CEO is bored by his own press conference


We can understand that McAfee chief executive Dave DeWalt has a lot on his mind. He just sold his company to Intel for US$7.68 billion, his press team is running wild naming Cameron Diaz the most dangerous celebrity in cyberspace, and the internet “threat landscape” is always growing.

Then there are the frequent television appearances on CNBC, CNN and Fox Business to worry about, a little bit of wrestling on the side and the family dinners to get home to after a long day jetsetting around the globe.

In this context, a tiny press conference on the other side of the world in sunny Sydney may not rank as the highest item of interest on DeWalt’s agenda. But perhaps it might be polite to pretend?

Oh dear.

Video by Jenna Pitcher


      • Agreed there. Seriously, most of the people rocking up to a press event to the background of the people there.

        The last thing you’d want to do is sit in a room and let some Mar/Comms wonk sit there and dribble crap. Say his name, get things rolling and let me ask my questions so I can get the hell out of there and file kthx.

  1. He looks exhausted. We’ve all done that “quickly fly across to the other side of the globe and wake up in what your body thinks is the middle of the night and sit in a stuffy little room and shift restlessly in your seat trying desperately not to fall/nod off the chair from boredom” thing. But, you’re right – for $7.68 billion he could at least pretend…

  2. That is PURE GOLD. I can’t believe his facial expressions!! He is totally giving the guy the “OMFG you are a boring idiot” treatment.

    Also, he looks exactly like the boss in Office Space.


    As Jenna said at the end of the video I’m not surprised he was bored out of his mind.. it WAS an anti-virus press conference after all. And Intel just paid this man’s company $9billion, so he’s probably thinking about what he’s going to do with the cute waitress on his private jet. Just saying.

  3. I have seen worse! Seen so many execs pull out the Blackberry and read/reply to messages for the duration! I won’t name names! :)


  4. The guy doing the actual preso is a CRAP presenter – he is presenting in front of his boss, and yet he throws in a bunch of ‘umms’ all over the place, flat droning delivery, and even looks to his CEO at the very start to confirm how long he’s been with the company… any wonder ‘Mr McAfee’ is bored!!!!

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