Friday Five: Polycom’s Michael Chetner


Every Friday we’ll profile a prominent figure from Australia’s IT, telecommunications or video gaming industries in the Friday Five.

Polycom Australia and New Zealand country manager Michael Chetner is a stayer. After joining the company from Vodafone in February 2003, he’s risen through the ranks to lead its local operations. But he hasn’t gotten arrogant — and still cheers on the underdog. Chetner is this week’s guest on the Friday Five.

1. What was your first job ever?

I started my career early at 10 years old with a weekly paper run … that taught me key traits such as responsibility, accountability and consistency — which I carry through in life today.

2. What do you most like about working in Australia’s technology industry?

The pace of continual change generally which ensures new challenges regularly to adapt to. Personally rewarding is the ability to influence and directly impact the lives of Australians through our Polycom telepresence solutions — we have many innovative and life changing experiences to share across the country thanks to transformative technology!

3. What’s your hobby?

Improving my golf handicap — which will ensure this is a lifelong endeavour

4. What can Australia do better to help grow a great technology sector?

Improved accessibility to broadband services — a consistent, scalable and future-proof platform that will enable innovation in business, and for providing equity in health and education services to EVERY Australian. Australia has a great opportunity, through technology and if we do it right, to deliver real social outcomes.

5. What/who has been the biggest inspiration in your career?

Any underdog that deals with extreme adversity and challenges, and wins against the odds!

Image credit: Polycom