Friday Five: ComOps’ Richard Bradley


Every Friday we profile a prominent figure from Australia’s IT, telecommunications or video gaming industries in the Friday Five.

Richard Bradley is the chief executive of ASX-listed enterprise, workforce and sales Management vendor ComOps. And you could definitely say he’s been around for the long haul. He founded the company in 1972, and has been involved in all aspects of the company’s development since that point. But if you saw Bradly on his tractor on the family winery in the Hunter Valley you might doubt for a second that he was a high-flying business executive :) Bradley is our guest this week for the Friday Five.

What was your first job ever?

My first job after leaving Sydney Grammar School was as a trainee chartered accountant with Wilson Danby and Giddy – Chartered Accountants in Melbourne. Wilson Danby and Giddy have since been swallowed up by one of the Big Five. This laid the foundation for my finance business knowledge and the backbone for the design of our first business software products.

What do you most like about working in Australia’s technology industry?

As with many ventures in Australia we are at the leading edge and like other companies are not afraid to experiment with the latest available technologies as they evolve. Our own business customers over the years have always supported our innovative approach and have remained loyal through thick and thin.

What’s your hobby?

Golf (9 handicap), snow skiing and running our family winery in the Hunter Valley (Calais Estate), which usually results in many hours on the tractor allowing plenty of quality time to resolve the business challenges that inevitably come home with you on the weekend.

What can Australia do better to help grow a great technology sector?

With the advent of the new broadband network throughout Australia we’ll be better equipped to conduct innovative research and development that Australian IT companies have become famous for. The greatest step forward however would be a Government investment scheme to assist entrepreneurs to finance their development dreams rather than to seek assistance offshore. Government preference, investment and support could make a huge difference to our industry.

What/who has been the biggest inspiration in your career?

My father, who was an extremely successful business man and was definitely my mentor. He guided and advised me on the majority of my career moves including finance, sales and management up to the point of founding ComOps. A very conservative man who always thought carefully before offering advice.

Image credit: ComOps