Oh dear: Optus’ “theatrical” 3G USB modems


We have always known Optus was a big fan of the higher forms of performance art, with its sponsorship of the Cirque du Soleil and even the penchant of its chief executive Paul O’Sullivan for cracking Telstra jokes on stage.

But we didn’t know that even its USB modems were involved in the performance.

Oh dear. This raises the obvious question of how true to life Optus’ claims about the speed of its mobile network really are.

Image credit: Screenshot of Optus website


  1. Renai,

    Is this story showing that you are having a slow news day or r is this just revenge for people having a go at your spelling? ;)

    Seriously though, the design department at optus must have been drunk to let that slip through.

    • It is a slow news week, Phil, but ‘Oh dear’ is a type of article on Delimiter where we poke fun at people’s foibles in this sort of way ;) We would have done this post anyway.

  2. Actually Renai, you’ve got it backwards. Optus is demonstrating supreme confidence in their network by suggesting that their network will “perform” at the advertised speeds.

    Oh dear, Renai.

  3. Thanks, now there’s coffee all over my monitor haha. Having just spent about a week and a half on Optus wireless after moving house and waiting for my adsl to be transferred I now understand why people are are so pissed about Optus speeds. It felt like I was on dial up half the time. On average my connection speed was under 20KB/s. But that *could* be because I live in Broken Hill which is pretty remote; but who knows… I’ll never be using Optus internet again anyway.

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