NBN Co nicks Westpac IT sourcing guru


The National Broadband Network Company has scored another hiring coup, nicking senior talent from Westpac to bulk out its skills in dealing with technology vendors.

Until June this year Roscoe Fay had been Westpac’s head of Commercial Engagement, a position he had held since only November last year, after being promoted a spot as the top-tier bank’s head of IT sourcing and contracts. However, Westpac today confirmed the executive has now left the business.

Like a large amount of other senior executives in Australia’s technology sector, his resume has now been updated to read “NBN Co”. Fay’s title is ‘consultant’ and the details are publicly available online at social networking site LinkedIn.

Fay has a strong history of dealing with technology suppliers. He has also, according to his profile, held spent two years as director of Major Partnerships at Westpac, and before that he was an IT source, legal and contract negotiator at SingTel subsidiary Optus.

However he’s not in the absolute top echelon of banking technology executives at Westpac – the top two places belong to chief information officer Bob McKinnon and the man widely regarded as his deputy, chief technology officer Sarv Girn.

Fay is just the latest in a long line of Australian technology executives to be welcomed by NBN Co’s friendly arms over the past year since its first employee – chief executive Mike Quigley – stepped on board.

Recently it was revealed the telco had picked up Telstra’s online chief, for example, as well as former CEO Sol Trujillo’s former speechwriter. And Jim Hassell, the former chief of Sun Microsystems Australia, Optus’ managing director of its Networks division, Steve Christian and noted analyst Tim Smeallie are just some of the big names to join Quigley on deck.

The company has already seen its first wave of internal promotions, and some staff have already left the business.

NBN Co has already inked deals with a number of technology companies and IT services groups in Australia for products and services. For example, Oracle is supplying the company’s ERP software and it has a deal with Data#3 to maintain its office technology systems — such as desktop PCs and email.

This article is one in a series about the staff of NBN Co. Stay tuned as we continue to dig deep into NBN Co’s ranks.

Image credit: Rob Owen-Wahl, royalty free