Oh dear: Telstra’s cyber-safety quadrants


We think Australia’s telcos might be taking cyber-safety a little too seriously, if this video by Telstra is any indication.

“We use the Telstra cyber-safety clock face to get across three important areas … cyber-safety is something that matters all the time. It’s something you need to practice around the clock, 24×7,” the presenter states, in a voice that sounds a little like a calm mental massage.

“The Telstra cyber-safety clock is divided into four distinct sections, or quadrants.”

Oh dear. Maybe Telstra has been taking a page out of Gartner’s book?


  1. Leave Telstra’s cyber-safety quadrant alone.

    Its approach seems fair and thoughtful.

    OK, they share the “quadrant” term with that of the Gartner Group. But Gartner use it to segment many market players as points. Telstra uses it to integrate its message with their clock metaphor.

    I don’t think you can take cyber-safety too seriously at this stage of the discussions, at all.

    We can debate voice and pacing. But it seems OK for someone to get the gist of its message.

  2. Yeah, stop picking on Telstra ya cyber bully. Pick on someone your own size. 8-p

  3. This sounds like a great resource for stopping the staggering number of Australians getting infected by these spams, or scams, that come through, the portal – I believe it can regularly be up to 20,000 having their computers infected at the moment… being in… uh… wait… what?

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