Telstra to stream ABC, SBS to Next G mobiles


Telstra today made the ABC1 and SBS ONE TV channels available for viewing by mobile customers who have signed up for its Mobile Foxtel packs — which start from $12 per month or $4 per day on its Next G mobile phone network.

The extra services will be available at no additional cost, and the data downloaded as part of the stream is included in the price of the packs and not counted towards a customers’ monthly download quota on their phone.

“This means Next G™ network customers can tune into ABC favourites such as ‘Spicks and Specks’, ‘Doctor Who’ and ‘Sesame Street’ or popular SBS shows such as ‘World News Australia’ and ‘The World Game’ while they’re out of the house,” said Telstra in a statement, noting that the total number of channels available on Mobile Foxtel was now 33.

Telstra has made dedicated apps for the Mobile Foxtel service available for the iPhone and Android smartphone platforms.

Image credit: Telstra


  1. I’ll offer a prize to the first person to post links to iPad versions of the above.

    Dr Who should be best enjoyed at more than 2″, more like 9.7″ imho.

    • Yeah with the iPad doing 3G it does kinda feel redundant watching things on your mobile phone — even one with a large screen like the HTC Desire etc. I find I can’t easily watch things on the iPhone screen, just doesn’t feel right. Especially things with lots of small moving objects like commentated StarCraft II matches ;)

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