Can T-Hub-thumping save the landline?


T-Hub is a heavier, bulkier, less appealing version of the iPad that will in no way lure customers to Telstra home services.

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    • You reckon there will be uptake of the T-Hub? Why so? From my perspective it looks vaguely interesting, but I’m not sure if it’s really Telstra’s role to be innovating in this area — I would rather independent hardware vendors do it.

  1. This pretty much highlights just how out-of-touch Telstra is with what’s happening in the industry they dominate.

    Inside homes, using your landline telephone to make phonecalls is basically a lost art. Mobile phones are cheaper, portable and (gross generalisation ahead) everyone has one on them at all times. All the phone line into your house does is provide a low(ish) latency internet connection.

    Then there’s the device itself. it’s expensive, awfully crippled and completely without a purpose.

    • +1 to this.

      I really want to see mobile phones able to connect seamless to the home Wi-Fi network and use the house broadband to make VoIP calls. That would be the next logical extension of the technology, not more complex and feature-rich household phones.

      • That’d require Google rolling out Google Voice worldwide (or, at least, outside the US). Can’t see that happening any time soon really. Also doubt that any of the local telco’s have the smarts to capitalise on an emerging market and make something similar themselves. That’d be way to sensible of an idea.

  2. Android is pretty good for that. It can turn on / off features based on your location so that when you get home or to the office, it turns on the wifi. You just leave fring running in the background and it automagically handles it. It is even supposed to handle the situation where you walk out of the home talking and it transfers call to 3G or GSM. I’d imagine Google Voice would be even sweeter than that if it gets released in Oz.
    Got any friends at the Sydney googleplex who could give you a scoop?

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