Conroy is right to question Google’s privacy record


Google should not expect to be beyond international criticism while it offers the US Government access to its data on request but lambasts other governments for interfering with the rights of online users.

Read the full story by Brett Winterford at iTnews


  1. OK. Here’s the thing: While Conroy does have a point about Google allowing authorities access to their users data, it has NOTHING to do with the proposed internet filter. NOTHING. It’s a totally separate issue.

    It’s a separate issue because;

    A) Google is a company that provides a service and you are under no obligation to use it. It’s completely opt-in and, as an informed consumer, it’s your responsibility to make yourself aware of the practices of any company you choose to do business with.

    B) WTF does Google’s allowing governments (with court-approved warrants and subpoenas) access to their own data have to do with our government wanting to censor the entire internet?

    Once again Conroy is showing his complete ignorance of how things work in an industry that he’s supposedly responsible for in this country.

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