Mincom picks up $7m Western Power deal


Electricity utility Western Power has signed a $7 million agreement to continue its long-running relationship with resources software group Mincom.

In a statement today, Mincom noted the utility has used Mincom’s enterprise asset management platform Ellipse for more than ten years. After a review, Western Power decided to continue the relationship, and will now upgrade to Ellipse 6.3. It will also deploy Mincom Mobility — allowing its 1,600 field employees to access real-time data about company assets such as power poles and street lights.

“The deployment of Mincom Mobility represents a major step forward for our organisation, helping us shift from disparate inspection systems to a solution that fully integrates inspections with the corporate asset-management system, enabling a more proactive asset-maintenance program,”said Western Power CIO Leigh Sprlyan in the Mincom statement.

“Detailed information needed to manage company assets – from their location and structural composition, to worker availability and required skills – will help us optimise scheduling decisions and, in doing so, even more cost-effectively manage our workforce and contractors. And advanced features, such as geographic information system (GIS) mapping, will further enhance our visibility of both the state of our assets and the work plan, ultimately improving our ability to manage the network.”

Western Power will also use Mincom’s Critical Inventory Optimisation software — which helps analyse and adjust stock levels and re-ordering requirements, as well as the hosted Axis B2B solution, which aids in business to business integration.