More blah blah blah: IT Advocate announced


The problems small and medium sized Australian companies face in winning Commonwealth IT contracts are as perennial as the grass. Two and a half years into a three year term and the Rudd Government solution is the appointment of a “respected industry figure” to “provide leadership.”

Full story by James Riley at ITWire


  1. ICT interaction between the SME and Govt has always been a rocky relationship. Many years ago, when the PE & PD Contracts existed, Resellers had to align themselves with vendors who could assist them to have access to the departments. There wasn’t a focus on price, rather, the Value for Money proposal included other factors. Fast forward to today, panels are absolutely useless. Gershon Got It Wrong, Big Time.

    competing against an enterprise company with a panel response means that the sme’s stand no chance at all. The enterprise client will drop price, win the deal and move on. the sme, winning the deal means that they will lose money, and waste time. Innovation has no place on a panel.

    The panel concept, if Gershon had actually done some homework, did not work before, it certainly won’t work now. And what political party put the panel contracts in last time? anyone?

    That is right. Labor.

    Why didn’t they learn from their mistakes the first time? because an advisor told them that it was the best solution to bring ICT suppliers into line, and make solutions affordable. affordable = cheap. It doesn’t = innovation.

    the IT Advocate is a step in the right direction. better than engaging with a lobbyist.

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