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  1. Francois
    Mar 18 - 3:12 pm

    The writer of this review is completely bias and he’s obviously a true iPhone fan. BB10 is light years ahead of both iOS and Android. It is the safest OS by far and the best communication tool with the HUB. It is the ONLY OS that offers true multi-tasking and the Z10 is a game changer. BB10 is built on QNX, the platform of the future already widely used in the automotive industry. The Z10 will be in Australia in a few days and you guys should check it out! Btw, Android has been ranked worst OS in terms of malware threats, stay away from this OS

    • Craig
      Mar 19 - 11:37 am

      “The writer of this review is completely bias ” as dear Francois are you.
      “Android has been ranked worst OS in terms of malware threats” not that gold medal belong to the various flavours of the Windows OS.

      “the Z10 is a game changer” But the match is over, the crowds have dispersed, they might have changed the game, but it’s to an empty stadium.

      It’s a pity, as for phone, mail, calendar & contacts, BB’s were rock solid & their efficient use of slow data networks (e.g. GPRS) was certainly ahead of everyone else. But these days people want other things from their smartphones. You’re pining for Beta, when everyone else has moved onto Bluray.

    • Karl
      Mar 20 - 3:37 pm

      I’m not sure if this comment is serious or not. I’m going to have to assume not, I always try to think the best of people.

  2. sonbuster
    Mar 18 - 3:20 pm

    The BlackBerry Z10 is an excellent phone. Sales are strong wherever it is launched – UK, Canada, UAE, Europe, Africa, India, Indonesia and soon the USA. Customer sentiment is very positive. BlackBerry Z10 takes smartphones to the next level. They focus on the user experience making it more efficient and easier to use. Definitely for people who ‘want to get things done.’ More apps will be created/ can be sideloaded from android (easy to do). >100k is planned for US launch. Security is top class and can’t be matched by any other. BlackBerry Balance is a wonderful feature to help business/corporate/IT/enterprise users find a ‘balance’ between work and play. BlackBerry continues to innovate for the future. Their operating system QNX is their future and will be implemented in a lot of systems that will help us all be connected to the ‘internet of things’. One day BlackBerry will help us drive our cars, or we’ll be able to connect our blackberries to a monitor, keyboard and mouse via bluetooth and use it as a computer or connect it to a TV and now we have an entertainment system; with a gamepad, the z10 becomes a gamng console with cloud gaming. the possibilities are endless!

    More about BB10-QNX
    Re: Android the hardware requirements to make it run even remotely efficient is too great. With over 3,000,000 lines of code, the OS is an albatross. It cannot be maintained. Too many bugs, too slow. The hardware it needs for future releases will not exist. The only real company with a strong future in mobility is Blackberry. Their new BB10 OS built using QNX, is lean, fast, powerful, efficient, and built for a long future of growth. At around 100,000 lines of code, the hardware needed to make it much more powerful than Android/iOS and is easy to do. And the Z10 proves that. iOS is out of the picture, as it is stale, unfriendly, and so outdated it is also unmaintainable. So the future is BBs. They have done a great job of turning things around.

    a great video showing the application of the BB10 platform. It has a great story, awesome message, nice song,speaks to creativity, innovation, teamwork, reward and recognition, accomplishment and winning.

    Believe in BlackBerry

    • Francois
      Mar 18 - 3:33 pm

      Totally agree with your comments Sonbuster!

    • Justin
      Mar 18 - 5:43 pm

      With its limitless possibilities, do you think it may become sentient?

  3. Renai LeMay
    Mar 18 - 3:26 pm

    Somehow I feel this review is being spammed by BlackBerry fanbois …

    • James
      Mar 18 - 3:44 pm

      If I was a cynic, I would say that they had been paid by RIM to roam the interwebs and spam Blackberry propaganda on every review they find.

      • Renai LeMay
        Mar 18 - 3:49 pm

        If I was a cynic I would suspect the same ;)

      • Renai LeMay
        Mar 18 - 3:50 pm

        In fact, BlackBerry appears to, coincidentally, have a marketing campaign encouraging people to “believe in BlackBerry” as ‘sonbuster’ encourages us to above ;)

        • sonbuster
          Mar 19 - 5:39 am

          Renai, I’m not paid by BlackBerry, i’m a believer in this great company and their products. just like everyone else who has posted here in support of BlackBerry.

          thanks for your link though, i found it very interesting.

    • Francois
      Mar 18 - 4:01 pm

      Try to be objective next time you write a review iphone fanboy. The truth is I own the iPhone 5 and have been using the Blackberry Z10. My iPhone 5 feels totally stale and outdated and this is the reason why I’m switching to the Z10 like millions of people around the world!

      • AJ
        Mar 18 - 4:04 pm

        Reanai has a HTC one XL this is common knowledge to everyone

        • AJ
          Mar 18 - 4:05 pm



    • Stefano
      Mar 19 - 3:24 am

      This is an article about how BlackBerry “RIPPED-OFF!” Apple and Android. It’s not an objective or even an honest Z10 review, so if you are looking for a phone don’t stop your research here. For such an incredibly long article (2823 words), it fails to talk about many of the phones best features. There is no mention… not a single word… about the keyboard and typing experience, which all other reviewers (good or bad) rave about. No mention of the first update which resolved many issues that were widely reported : from battery life to camera settings (this is old news)… and the list goes on.
      FYI, Blackberry is patent rich and was not caught up in the patent wars between Apple-Samsung-Nokia-Google and others ( google “patent wars”)

  4. Scott
    Mar 18 - 3:29 pm

    Dude really your obviously iphone fanboy with zero objectivity. This article should never be viewed as jouralism. I will disclose the fact I don’t own a z10 yet but will get the device as soon as my contract is up in May. All of the objective reviews has rated this an exceptional device with the same universal critism of lackk of app. The app gap will close as more people purchase the phone and get aquainted with BB10 OS.

  5. Bob
    Mar 18 - 3:29 pm

    There changes in hardware are not game changers over the last year across all platforms. What is the game changer going forward is the OS, portability, true multitasking, and security. The comments above provide better info than the review itself.

  6. jay
    Mar 18 - 3:58 pm

    Firstly holding the Z10 does in no way remind you of an iPhone, iPhone does not even come anywhere close to mind. I think Blackberry have done a great job, I shall definately be purchasin the Z10. I am yet to be impressed by windowsphone or Apple (ex user).

  7. Edwin
    Mar 18 - 4:00 pm

    The reviewer raises some good points, but shows his or her’s lack of knowledge when discussing the operating system. I’ve been a heavy iPhone user prior to switching, and BB10 is way ahead of iOS.

    The article makes a good point about how iOS was released in 2007. It’s basically been the same operating system with random stuff like copy and past, the worst mulitasking system out of WP8/Android/BB10 added in after every update. BB10 is completely different under the hood, and it shows because of how you can see live tiles when apps are multitasking, and shows even more when the “peek” feature can be accessed regardless of where you are on the phone.

    I feel that the comments about the apps and cameras are the only valid ones in the article.

  8. Ben
    Mar 18 - 4:51 pm

    Blackberry? Are they still kicking around?

  9. jay
    Mar 18 - 5:16 pm

    Firstly holding the Z10 does in no way remind you of an iPhone, iPhone does not even come anywhere close to mind. I think Blackberry have done a great job, I shall definately be purchasin the Z10. I am yet to be impressed by windowsphone or Apple – EX user

  10. Peter
    Mar 19 - 12:08 am

    ” However, this is a model which is clearly sub-par when you look at what is coming out of Apple, Samsung, HTC and Nokia right now.” What an absurd and total lie.

  11. James K
    Mar 19 - 2:34 am

    How is this anything like an iphone? Your’re saying that because it has icons on the screen it looks like an iphone. Or because its a candybar style, it looks like an iphone. The stuff coming from the Android makers is crap. Fragmentaion. My S3 crashed and forced closed so much i got rid of it after 2 weeks. It was the 4th Android device i used and everyone has been a headache. For all the new tech i get 100 more problems. Android works unril it is senr to a manufactuer who then throws their own crap on top. All of a sudden i have an unstable OS. Who carea if Android has 700,000 apps either. They also have 27 different OS versions. I get a new dev and 90% of the apps wont work. As with Apple, i loved Steve Jobs. I have a late 2011 MacBook Pro and it is a beast, however the 2012s are sad. No more upgrading. What makes it a pro. Apple is done. Tim Cook is not Steve Jobs and the proof is the 2012 MacBook (crap), the iphone 5 (crap), Apple Maps (aahahahaha), and the ipad mini (POS) . I see Andriid eventually imploding on itself with so many phone makers having lost profits and whatnot and Apple just doesnt have their creative force anymore, they didnt have NFC support on the 5; I had NFC on my 9930. Oh but they had Apple Maps (sorry, that never gets old). Ive been a BB user for years and cant wait to buy the Z10 just like so many others have around the world.

  12. JAMES
    Mar 19 - 2:58 am

    dude your smoking crack. The bbz10 beats the iphone in every category. except apps. And apple will only have that advantage for a few more months. the app world is filling up fast. and with the ability to side load android. The camera is way better, the processor is better. the flow is better. BBM kicks the crap out of texting with bbm video and bbm voice. The hub is one of the best features and under rated. i could go on and on.

    I think the real question is this. Is Apple irrelevant? I think so. Sumsung is kicking apples ass right now and BB is doing the same. BB has managed in the last few years to build a whole new operating system. and come out with a phone that kicks ass. What has apple done? well they have re-released the same phone 3 times with small upgrades.

    Apple offers no real security.

  13. Francois
    Mar 19 - 6:23 am

    I am not a computer programmer but obviously the guy who wrote this article is. BB10 is a game changer because of the QNX platform that has been used by Thorsten Heins to build the OS. Blackberry’s new CEO is a true visionary, rebuilding his company from the ground up and implementing a strategy similar to a game of chess: understand where the future is taking us and anticipate what people needs will be. Read this article on Seeking Alpha:

  14. T Alex
    Mar 19 - 1:30 pm

    You Apple puppet, please tell me if you have even a single one of the
    following unique Blackberry features.

    1. HUB
    2. FLOW
    4. PEEK
    5. Predictive KEYBOARD
    6. BBM VIDEO
    9.HDMI outlet


  15. Renai LeMay
    Mar 19 - 1:32 pm

    The comments on this article are hilarious :) I review one or two smartphones a week, have done so for some time, and I’ve never come across so many devoted fans of a single platform :)

    • Justin
      Mar 19 - 1:50 pm

      Not “a” single platform Renai. It’s “the only” platform. Clearly you’re owned by big smartphone!

    • Karl
      Mar 20 - 3:47 pm

      I’ve never seen such blind devotion to something before, and for Blackberry to be the cause of that devotion is truly incomprehensible to me. This is a company in a desperate position trying to get some market share with a brand new platform, where have all these fans come from?

      I assume you can see the IPs on comments and these aren’t all coming from the same place, right?

      • Juliank
        Mar 31 - 3:11 pm

        We’ve all been here, Karl, tapping away on our Bold 9000-9900. Most of us probably have a Blackberry and either Android, iPhone or Win8. I have a GNexus along side my trusty 9900. With the z10, I can finally stop carrying 2 phones.

        Renai said “I’ve never come across so many devoted fans of a single platform”. He’s obviously never popped into the Mac Forums.

        I am not one to spend a lot of time playing games or searching for fart apps. But I do enjoy watching snippets of Big Bang Theory and Game of Thrones when time permits. i also need to get work done on-the-go and emails flood my inbox all day and most nightime hours so being able to quickly and effeciently attend to them is paramount. I couldn’t care less if BB World only had 500 apps in its catalogue. On the Z10, Whatsapp, FB, Twitter, email, BB Travel, sms are all present. No other distractions needed. The only thing that I’m disappointed about BB10 is the loss of BIS as that gave me unlimited data. Can’t win them all.

  16. sourav tiwary
    Apr 08 - 12:11 am

    I am using a BlackBerry Z10 model…i feel it’s much better than I PHONE…BlackBerry 10 is one crazy platform…i was given the option of I phone…But blindly I choose Z10 cause #ibelieve….its a very classy brand…and Z10 no doubt is one sexy device

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