1. OOOOhhhh I would love a chance to win one of those.

    Pity I am already signed up for the newsletter.

    May be I should unsubscribe then subscribe again :-)

    What the hell I am ahead of the game with the newsletter regardless.

  2. but, but, if I sign up, I won’t have any reason to come to the website! … Then again, I do like to have the odd rant.

    • Also Renai, there is something *really* whacky going on with the tab order. Might be because I posted a comment before signing up, but the tab order (using Chrome) was

      Newsletter Name -> Comment Name -> Newsletter Email -> comment Email -> Captcha input

      All very confusing.

      • Got it – it’s the TabIndex
        Both forms use index 1 for name
        index 2 for email

        Need to seperate them out. (easiest would be change the tab index of the newsletter one to start from a higher value than the comment box)

        • It’s a known issue. I’ll look into it, but in the meantime people can just click to type their details in ;) The Internet publishing platform is not perfect ;)

  3. the form in the email is worse. Dunno if you meant to but I can’t send the submission from the email.

    • I’m sorry, but there’s not much I can do about that. It’s a GravityForms issue — the WordPress plugin that we use. It is notoriously clunky at times.

  4. so i’m guessing that captcha system works really well because i had to try several times before i got it right.

  5. ReCAPTCHA seems to have underestimated the power of crowd sourcing and now has only bogus words. They need fresh scans for words or to obfuscate the words less. Every time I am confronted with a ReCAPTCHA I need to ask for a new word about 20 times before I can find a pair I can actually read!

    • You’re fine, only highly sophisticated OCR systems can get it right first time so if you have to hit refresh you must be human.

  6. Me: Haha Sucker I would have done it for free

    Renai: Ok do it for free

    Me: Haha I would have paid you!

    Renai: Ok Pay Me!!

    Me: Umm how much

    Renai: Just give me your credit card number

    Me: Sigh

  7. Not a fan of the Kindle Fire then, Renai? :)

    I’d subscribe, but then I’d mis out on my daily dose of WTF COMMENT. It’s a big part of the day (ok, not really, but still..).

    And I might win a Kindle Fire. There’s the other reason not to sign up. ^.^

    • I actually really liked the Kindle Fire and planned to use it myself alongside my iPad. However, I have found that the Fire’s software and app support just isn’t mature compared to that of the iPad. So I didn’t end up using it. Plus I already have an e-ink Kindle 3G. However, if you don’t have a tablet already, or you want something smaller than the iPad (which I would personally like, with more app + O/S maturity), the Fire is a great tablet — the second best in the market behind the iPad.

  8. Thank You for the opportunity, this is what I call Customer Service without being a customer yet. We all hope to win but if you do not try you do not stand a chance. Thank You

  9. might i suggest that you send the newsletter later in the day.

    you know so there’s actually some stories from that day in it as opposed to the newsletter being virtually empty (as it was yesterday) or being full of yesterday’s articles.

    just a thought. :)

    • Hmm I take your point Clinton, but I send it out in the morning about 11AM, because most people want at that time to catch up on the news from yesterday in one go. I think people have less time for that in the afternoon.

      As for the newsletter being virtually empty, that happens sometimes on Mondays as the week has not yet kicked off — there isn’t much news to send out ;)

      Trust me, I wrestle with these issues as well!

  10. I’ve heard that Kindle are an amazing product. Fingers crossed for the Uni student…yes me :)

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