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  1. Alienangel
    01/12/2011 • 12:49 pm

    Where do music aggregators like We Are Hunted fit in this list?

    • Renai LeMay
      01/12/2011 • 1:02 pm

      As I understand it, We Are Hunted is a music discovery service — but not a music streaming service per se. Sure, they do stream a few tracks, but not much.

  2. Tubsta
    01/12/2011 • 3:07 pm

    What about other services like and Do they come under subscription streaming?

    • Renai LeMay
      01/12/2011 • 3:30 pm

      Can you clarify — is that

    • Jenneth Orantia
      01/12/2011 • 9:20 pm

      As far as I can see, those are Internet radio stations, not music subscription services.

  3. Owen Kelly
    01/12/2011 • 5:11 pm

    Grooveshark is probably the best at the moment IMHO. It’s basically Spotify, with less music and free. Runs in the browsers, or you can pay for the android app (I believe the iphone app is still banned).

    • Jenneth Orantia
      01/12/2011 • 9:26 pm

      I was only looking at legitimate music streaming services for this feature, and Grooveshark is anything but. It will be interesting to see how they go with the current copyright lawsuit that Universal Music Group has filed against them.

  4. Nick
    01/12/2011 • 10:21 pm

    Jenneth – curious why are you talking about Songl as being a current service? It simply says “Official launch coming soon”. Did you actually manage to try it out? How?

    • Jenneth Orantia
      01/12/2011 • 10:25 pm

      Ah, good point! It is a current service, if you have an older membership, which I have. I will find out when the official launch is.

  5. Philipp
    03/12/2011 • 10:23 pm

    For me it`s dubli. I never saw something like that thousands of webradio stations an nearly 20 mio songs … emazing

  6. Mark
    05/12/2011 • 3:52 pm

    Don’t waste your money on inferior rubbish….just wait for Spotify to land here in Oz very soon. I have it and it changes the way you listen to music…. brilliant!!

  7. LeeMan
    07/12/2011 • 6:06 pm

    …and there are a few niche services popping up too. like

  8. Peter
    26/12/2011 • 1:03 pm

    Great to see a properly researched and thought-through review of the available sites for Australia. Please do keep it up to date as things develop, if you can. is in the offing, and JB HiFi’s service is in beta.

    The Music Unlimited service (which I have used since launch) is constantly being improved and extended to other devices, so it’s worth rechecking those from time to time if possible. But I guess the only way to maintain these reviews is to subscribe to all of them! Ouch.

  9. Damian
    04/05/2012 • 5:46 pm

    Are there any music subscription services that allow you to play from your iPhone to apple tv?

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