Primus deletes filter posts … but we’ve got the screenshots


blog National broadband provider Primus has deleted comments made on Whirlpool over the past several days to the effect that it had no current plans to follow through on its commitment last year to voluntarily implement a filter to block its customers accessing child pornography. Thankfully, we’ve got screenshots.

You can click on the images to expand them into a larger version.

Your move, Primus. Time for a public statement of some kind?

Image credit: Delimiter screenshots of Whirlpool


  1. iPrimus has their Melbourne data centre in the building next door to me. Perhaps I should wander over and see if there’s any blood on the walls?

    • Ha,
      I’m just around the corner and have got kit in that DC.
      I suspect there have been a few hastely called meetings…..

      • We were running production ops out of there when that happend.
        And yup, that situation changed a bit.

        To Primus’s credit it’s been smooth sailing for a while now.
        We have very little to do with them these days, which is actually a very good thing to say about a DC.

      • To go a little further off topic, I think that the Melbourne DCs are going to a harsh, long overdue lesson in reality and competition when NextDC opens it’s M1 doors later this year.
        Competition, gotta love it, except when it’s for broadband infrastructure, where it’s totally overrated, apparently ;)

        • M1 will be a good thing – but not for competition purposes only. The DC market in Melbourne has been in trouble with full DCs everywhere – finding space has been difficult for a couple of years, because nobody has been building, so the little rack space that has been available has been selling for a premium.

          Melbourne needs M1, and more.

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