Holy Galaxy Tab price cut, Batman!


Image says it all, really. Samsung’s 7″ Galaxy Tab: From $999 three months ago, to $299 today. This may be a good time to revisit our review of the delicious device when it first launched in Australia. The key quote:

“Frankly, we can’t see any reason why Samsung would consider this a fair price.”

We also can’t think of any reason why Telstra would be price cutting this dramatically on such a high-end tablet … unless it was planning to launch some other tablets short. Motorola Xoom, anyone?

Image credit: Delimiter screenshot of Telstra website


  1. I’ve read you can’t put honeycomb on this device so it’s pretty much end of life – with that in mind, the price cut seems right. Not exactly a high end tablet as you say since all you can do is run android mobile apps stretched to fit the larger screen.

    • Hey Michael, you’re right, you can’t put Honeycomb on it — but the device itself is still fantastic — most of the apps I tested worked well on it. It’s currently the best 7″ tablet out there — and I don’t personally like the 10″ form factor that much, as you can’t easily hold it with one hand for e-reading.

      • “It’s currently the best 7″ tablet out there

        I guess that’s true for a very limited time in Australia, but in the US its certainly a different story.

        Any word on when the 7″ Blackberry PlayBook will be hitting Australia for example? It’s a flawed product too (particularly with the need to to sync it with a Blackberry just to check email?!!) but I love some of the “WebOS inspired” UI design and the fact that it will also eventually run Android apps.

        I think the reality is the market is about to be flooded with much better devices so unless you really need a cheap tablet that won’t run a lot of future Honeycomb designed apps (or you’re interested in it solely as an E-Reader or for basic web surfing), I’d avoid like the plague. But hey, that’s just me :)

  2. $299 is unreal and makes me unhappy as I paid full price not so long ago. This is a brilliant device. I am not going anywhere without it.
    I just discovered that there are nice colored covers for it on http://www.ereadersrus.com.au, I put one on the Mothers day wish list :).

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