An NBN war in multiple, enjoyable parts


blog If you have a bit of time and are interested in this little “National Broadband Network” issue that keeps on popping up, we recommend you check out this extensive transcript — or hey, even watch the whole thing online through this “Internet” doohicky, when they put it up — of SBS’s Insight program last night.

We didn’t have the time to catch it live, being too busy trying to get the touchscreen to work on Telstra’s new T-Touch Tab. But, featuring as it does a steller debate between Communications Minister Stephen Conroy and his shadow Malcolm Turnbull, as well as a number of controversial commentators, it’s worth your time as a solid overview of the current state of play with the NBN.

We particularly enjoyed this interchange between Turnbull and Conroy where the good Communications Minister was using a report by Access Economics and IBM as justification for his argument that the NBN would be worth its cost.

“Well, I have it here Stephen and we can go through it if you like,” replied the ever-helpful Turnbull. It’s not hard to imagine what Conroy was thinking at that point — probably not: “Thanks buddy!”

Image credit: Office of Malcolm Turnbull