DTO nicks Treasury CIO to be new COO


news The Digital Transformation Office (DTO) has nabbed Peter Alexander, the current Chief Information Officer at the Treasury, as its new Chief Operating Officer.

Alexander brings over 20 years of experience and public sector insights to his new role, over which time he has worked on key government ICT policies, change programmes, and security and corporate management initiatives.

Over the past five years, the new COO has led the Treasury’s engagement on contestability and digital transformation, and has evolved strategy to ensure the department’s ICT systems deliver expected business outcomes.

Prior to his time at the Treasury, Alexander spent four years as Assistant Secretary, Online Services Branch, at the Australian Government Information Management Office (AGIMO), Department of Finance and Deregulation (Finance).

At AGIMO, he was responsible for strategic planning and development for the Federal Government’s online services environment and whole-of-government websites, including the development and operation of australia.gov.au.

“Peter will be a terrific addition to our team having come from The Treasury, which is well regarded as an innovative and influential IT leader in the Australian Public Service,” said Paul Shetler, DTO CEO.

“As our Chief Operating Officer, Peter will be in a strong position to promote the opportunities, support and services the DTO can offer all government agencies to help deliver simpler, clearer and faster public services,” Shetler said.

As part of his COO role, Peter will also manage Performance and Program Reporting of the DTO’s transformation impact across government departments.

“This is an important task to help demonstrate the benefits of the digital transformation agenda to people, businesses and the Australian Public Service in terms of its economic and social benefit, costs savings and time management,” said the DTO chief.

“While Peter has thoroughly enjoyed working for The Treasury, he’s excited about taking on new challenges at the DTO,” he added.

Alexander will commence his role at the DTO later this month.

Image credit: Adrian Yee, Creative Commons