Tech can help Australians achieve life goals, says NBN report


news NBN Co has released a new report that takes a look at Australians’ most common life goals and how technology can help us achieve them.

Financial freedom, a better work-life balance, having more life experiences and prioritising relationships are at the top of the nation’s list, the Digital Dream Report (pdf) reveals.

Further, according to NBN Co, “experts” claim that access to fast broadband and new technologies will help people achieve their lifelong ambitions.

Notably, the survey revealed that the vast majority of Australians (93%) asked admitted to having not fulfilled at least one of their goals.

The research also revealed that people’s goals change as they age, with baby boomers prioritising weight loss (42%), Generation X aiming to become debt free (46%) and Generation Y being most concerned with home ownership (52%).

However, the survey said, a third of all Australians (33%) believe connectivity could assist them in fulfilling their goals.

“Technology and access to fast broadband is redefining the way we go about achieving the ‘Great Aussie Dream’,” life coach, wellness entrepreneur and mother of two, Lyndall Mitchell, told NBN Co.

“No matter what age we are, increased connectivity means we are able to harness the latest online tools to turn our lifestyle hopes and aspirations into reality,” she said. “Whether it’s starting an online business, or connecting with family online … we no longer have excuses to compromise any of the key ingredients in achieving our ideal lifestyle.”

According to the report, the top unachieved life goals overall in Australia are finding “balance” and financial freedom. Most cited was the aim to be debt free (42%), while 34% of respondents desired to own their own home.

Over a quarter of Australians are working to achieve better work-life balance (27%), the report found.

Boosting skills and become expert in a field was also high on the list – just under one in six Australians wants to become an expert in their field (14%).

Finding the perfect life partner is a priority for 18% of respondents, as is keeping in touch with old friends (13%).

The survey further suggests that some Australians are missing out on important life events, such as seeing loved ones get married (13%) and raising a family (14%).

The report suggests that access to fast broadband and flexible working arrangements, can help boost the work-life balance, enabling people to work from home and spend less time commuting.

The availability of online education courses are “levelling the playing field”, NBN Co said, meaning people are able to upskill from home, whether they live in the city or in regional Australia.

Further, relatively new technologies like social media platforms, video chat applications and online dating sites, mean that finding a life partner and keeping in touch with friends can now be done online.

And, for those that cannot be present at key life events, the advent of HD video conferencing means that people can be at least virtually present at every occasion.

“As a busy working mother of two l know what its like to juggle a career and a family and long for that perfect balance. By harnessing the latest technology at home and at work, I have been able to grow from a solo-consultant to running wellness retreats in four locations across Australia,” Mitchell said.

The consumer research was commissioned by NBN Co and developed by Evolve Research, with an Australian sample size of 2,100 individuals across every state and territory in June of this year.


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