Good Guys partners with Airtasker on home installation


news Household appliance retailer The Good Guys has partnered with local services marketplace Airtasker on a new appliance installation booking platform aimed to be more customer-focused yet still making use of The Good Guys’ existing Australian installer network.

According to a statement, the new platform streamlines The Good Guys installation operations and improves management of its contractor network.

Customers are now directly connected to the full network of installers and can track and coordinate their service, manage variations to a job and access any required certificates once the job is complete, as well as rate their installation experience.

The solution, which was deployed across The Good Guys store network last month, also improves the payments process for installers and generates full reporting dashboards to give installers access to all necessary information.

The new booking portal makes coordinating services “easier and more hassle free for our customers, more efficient for our installer network, and more cost effective for The Good Guys”, said Robert Ambler-Frazer, The Good Guys’ Chief Marketing Officer.

“We have an existing network of approximately 400 installers. They now have access to more jobs from more stores and our customers have access to more installation services and more choice in terms of installers and contractors,” Ambler-Frazer said.

Additionally, the platform lets customers rate their experience and leave feedback for the installer.

“This assists with quality assurance and maintaining the high level of service satisfaction that our customers have come to expect from The Good Guys,” he said.

Airtasker co-founder and Chief Operating Officer Jonathan Lui commented: “What we’re seeing in the retail marketplace is that businesses are wanting to improve their offering and find ways of distinguishing themselves, especially in terms of the post-purchase experience.”

“There has been a major shift towards loyalty and customer retention and there is now technology available to really innovate in this space,” he said.

The digital solution will “revolutionise” The Good guys’ installation services by streamlining and speeding up the booking process, and improving communication between customers and installers, according to Lui.

“The Good Guys is really leading the way in terms of post-purchase customer experience and it is great to see them thinking ahead of the curve and embracing this innovation,” he said.

Image credit: Airtasker


  1. I’ve just experienced two simultaneous Good Guys installations managed by Airtasker. I found the whole process unintuitive and overly chatty. I also found it very annoying as some unknown person gave a rating on my behalf for one install that I wouldn’t have given. And once given I had no visible way to change it. Airtasker also served to add a layer of indirection between me and the actual installer that I feel damaged our communications. I’m not a fan, as you can tell.

  2. I guess the other good thing about AirTasker is even if they only get one install/job a week they’ll be classes as “employed” in ABS stats…

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