Five more telcos get access to Vodafone 4G


news Vodafone has announced it will give five more mobile virtual network operators (MVNOs) access to its 4G network over the next two weeks.

The firm said in a statement that Lebara will join by 30 June, with Macquarie Telecom, Hello Mobile, Go Talk and Pivotel Prepaid gaining access by 6 July.

TPG Mobile and Kogan joined the network earlier this year.

“We’ve invested billions of dollars in the Vodafone network over recent years, and we’re very pleased to be offering our fast, reliable 4G services to more of our MVNOs,” said Paul Tierney, Vodafone’s Head of Wholesale.

“Provided they have a 4G capable device, customers of these MVNOs will be able to enjoy the Vodafone 4G network for browsing the internet, and streaming, uploading and downloading content,” said Tierney.

“Our network achieved a 40% improvement in last year’s CommsDay P3 Mobile Benchmark report, so we’re confident our MVNO customers will have a great experience,” he concluded.

Vodafone’s inclusion of MVNOs follows a similar move by Telstra this spring, when it opened up its network to Woolworths, Aldi Mobile, Telechoice, and Better Life.

Optus also offers wholesale access to its network, as well as operating its own MVNO, Virgin Mobile.

Image credit: Vodafone Medien, Creative Commons


  1. still a scam and a white elephant. not considered a usable internet connection let alone secure. LTE is insecure by design and phones have no thorough firewalls if at all. they are public facing. I would never do net banking on a phone whatsoever. Unsustainable paying for two internet connections where one is barely usable and not secure.

    Can they put this crap to rest eventually ? radios is finished. What about Lifi ? I guess the government can’t sell that off to cheat industries that desperately need open channels instead of being squeezed into a corner.

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