Union slams job ads seeking Irish workers for NBN


news The Communication Workers Union (CWU) has strongly criticised employment advertisements for “copper jointers” and “copper gurus” that aim to bring individuals from Ireland to work on the NBN rollout.

“3 Years Work In Australia – Interviews in Ireland in June” begins one online ad, which goes on to offer successful candidates with expert skills in copper cable infrastructure salaries of $75,000, along with assistance in relocating to Australia.

In what the CWU called “a clear pitch to Irish backpackers”, the ad goes on to say: “Bring the family and stay in one spot or travel across the country … Terrific opportunity to see the great southern land.”

While the post does not mention the NBN specifically, it seeks workers on Australia’s “largest telecommunications project”.

Further, CWU National Secretary Greg Rayner said: “Today we’ve confirmed that the Turnbull Government plans to send NBN jobs offshore to Ireland. Once again, Australian workers are being put last by Malcolm Turnbull.”

According to The Register, one or more similar ads has been taken down from Monster.ie after being raised by the Australian media.

According to the news source, NBN Co has said it did not place the adverts.

Hitting out at the ads, Rayner said that jobs on the NBN should be going to “local people in Australia, not Irish backpackers”.

“This is Australia’s biggest job creating infrastructure project and with youth unemployment over 10%, we need these job here and now,” he said.

Jim Metcher, the union’s New South Wales Branch Secretary, said jobs will be “dished out to workers in Kilkenny, not Sydney; in Tipperary, not Londonderry; in Dublin not Condobolin; Belfast, not Belgrave. It’s a disgrace.”

“There are thousands of out of work Australian professionals ready and willing to work on the NBN,” Metcher said.

As well as the $75,000 salary, the advertisement offers “migration assistance to get to Australia”, along with comprehensive training, OH&S induction card, first aid and other certifications, and a driver’s licence.

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    • Can’t go too far, being able to create one in a spreadsheet makes them management material and over qualified.

  1. I split my sides laughing when this news broke.

    Why in earth would a tech come to Australia, from any country, to roll out an outdated legacy copper network?

    Here is the delicious irony:
    Why would an Irish tech come to Australia when they are gainfully retrained and employed deploying optical fiber in Ireland!?

    Low-Effort Thought Promotes Political Conservatism

    Lateral thinking at its best! ;-)

  2. It makes sense as they are less likely to whistle blow as they have no vested interest.

  3. And yet NBNco still does not employ its own workforce… It’s all contracted and subbed out.

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