Get your face onto NBN Co’s second satellite


news To raise awareness of the launch of NBN Co’s second telecoms satellite, the company has announced it will give Australians the chance to “blast their face into space”.

Scheduled to launch from French Guiana Space Centre in South America in late 2016, the Sky Muster II satellite will help deliver fast broadband to remote and regional Australia.

To celebrate the occasion, NBN Co is inviting all Australians, regardless of their location, to submit a photo of themselves and “win the chance to etch their place in history”.

The winning photos will be placed together in a mosaic form, which will be printed on the nose cone of the rocket that will launch Sky Muster II into orbit.

Julia Dickinson, NBN Co’s Satellite Architect, said that, since launching its first satellite in October 2015, NBN has provided access to fast broadband for around 400,000 homes and businesses located in regional, remote, outback and offshore Australia.

The launch of the second satellite is another “major step”, she said, in helping the firm to deliver “world-class broadband to those who need it the most”.

“Last year seven-year-old Bailey Brooks from a cattle station outside of Alice Springs won the opportunity to name the first NBN satellite and have her drawing printed on the nose cone of the rocket which launched it into space,” said Dickinson.

“This year, we are going one step further with the unique opportunity for people to submit photos which will be collated into a national portrait of our country. We are making history and we want to invite all Australians to be a part of it,” she concluded.

Via its broadband service, NBN Co said that the satellite brings the opportunity to connect Australians in remote parts of the country to services not easily accessed today such as remote education and medical assistance.

Early customers of the NBN broadband service provided by SkyMuster I have said performance is “outstanding”, according to Activ8me, an official NBN provider. The service is scheduled to begin in full this month.

Image credit: NBN company


  1. Can’t we put Karina and Malcolm in the satellite and let it blast off?

    This is another GIANT waste of taxpayer funds. Who cares whose face is on a rocket that is going into space and is never going to be seen again?

    • No because we don’t want that rocket to have issues at launch and well get destroyed!

    • Could we add Richard and Reality? They it’d be much easier for them to get home to their other planet from there!

    • FZ, I was thinking that blasting the entire Liberal Party into space would be good value for money – then we can go back to implementing a real NBN plus improve our Education and health services with those goons interfering!

      • Not all of them, there are some decent ones, it’s just that the ratbags seem to hog the media limelight so much these days.

  2. I don’t understand for a wholesaler provider they have spent $10m on media from Sept 2015 to Feb 2016..
    da fuq

  3. Glad to see GimpCo has so much time to spare coming up with and organising this crap. Perhaps their next brain fart will be taking submissions for node photos.

  4. The title of this article is incorrect – the node cone of the rocket will be discarded once the satellite is in place, where it will either float about in orbit as space junk or (hopefully) be designed to have a decaying orbit that will cause it to drift back towards the planet and then burn up in the atmosphere. What an utterly pointless, wasteful, disingenuous marketing distraction.

    • Edit: nose cone. My phone apparently thinks I always want to write about nodes, for some daft reason ;-)

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