Telstra invests in NGINX web server project


news Telstra Ventures – the venture capital arm of the major telecommunications firm – has announced a strategic investment in NGINX, a San Francisco-based company providing open-source web server software that supports many of the world’s busiest websites.

Mark Sherman, Telstra’s Managing Director, said participation in the funding round was driven by the company’s strong market growth, as well as its growing position in the application delivery and deployment market.

“When you look under the hood of many of the most popular websites around the world today you find NGINX’s technology. This business continues to grow their share of the web server market and has compelling value-add propositions to sell,” said Sherman.

NGINX provides a popular application delivery platform, which is known for its load-balancing capabilities, high performance, security, and scale, and is in use on over 140 million sites worldwide, Sherman explained.

“The company consistently delivers improved capabilities and performance for video heavy sites, and sites experiencing high traffic volumes,” he added.

“We are looking forward to working closely with NGINX to improving our customer experience and help our users embrace more software-defined application services,” said Sherman.

Welcoming the investment, Gus Robertson, CEO of NGINX,  said: “We see Telstra as an important partner in expanding our market reach to new geographies. Telstra has an extensive customer footprint, both in Australia and across Asia-Pacific. We are looking forward to working with them to bring our technology solutions to companies across the region.”

“NGINX offers our users a modern-day tool set to develop, deploy and maintain their applications and websites, which is mission-critical for all digital businesses today, especially anyone involved in e-commerce, or media and entertainment,” he concluded.


  1. What happen to Telstra looking to Asia?
    Didn’t the Telstra CEO preach Asia as the golden egg?
    Ow that’s right, Telstra realises now that most of Asia runs off government protectionism and backroom bribes….So hows that big Philippians mobile carrier partnership you talked up coming along lol….

  2. obviously behind the times just like their faulty copper. Did they just discover it ? haha

    Wont fix their exploitable/ already compromised networks and systems.

    New funding ? If only they used their “funding drives” to maintain their faulty copper instead of leaving it to waste that the tax payer goes and buys back.

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