Insight: Warning: Most of Australia’s IT bellwethers are cutting jobs


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  1. Good advice Renai.

    I know a lot of Uni’s are currently looking at tech that will cut jobs, app virtualisation, box drops, thin clients, etc. I think even the public service and education will be hit with job cuts within the next 5 years.

  2. The jobs are either going off shore to cheap countries or the work is being swallowed by companies which import a lot of 457 staff under mostly false pretenses imo.

    I won’t be encouraging my kids to look at IT, the industry is being wrecked by greed from the big companies who don’t understand anything other than balance sheets.

  3. Speaking of cutting, I have heard rumours the AJC undersea cable is cut right now, does anyone know details? I see bad ping times into many Asian sites.

    Can’t find published fault reports on an open website though.

    • Yep major issues there, it has been on going and latest reports are mid april bfore repair, and that is the second time the outage repair has been extended… waiting on permission from Singapore to make repairs… wouldn’t be an easy task to fix though, at least from an Aussie perspective Telstra are the best at it…

  4. Apple and Microsoft have boots on the ground consultant staff in Australia… Most their staff are sales in Australia. Google also have mostly sales staff, but the do have some sort of R&D here in australia, but not that big.

  5. Anyone know when TPG will slip in its next round of retrenchments across their brands? They never seem to make the news.

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