Microsoft’s Dynamics AX for Azure cloud to launch in Australia


news Microsoft has announced that Dynamics AX, the latest version of its Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) software product, will soon be available in Australia and hosted in local data centres.

This new release of Microsoft Dynamics AX, which has been designed for use with the tech giant’s Azure platform, will enable businesses to run their operations “more intelligently”, said John Leonard, General Manager, Microsoft Dynamics Australia.

The product brings together ERP, business intelligence, infrastructure and database services in a single offering that enables organisations to run industry-specific and operational business processes that can be extended with third-party solutions from partners.

“Dynamics AX enables businesses to make smarter decisions faster, with access to real-time insights and intelligence on nearly any device, anywhere. It allows business processes to be quickly redesigned so they can innovate and realise genuine management insight and value in order to stay ahead of the competition,” Leonard said in a statement.

Dynamics AX allows companies to scale as they grow, thanks to the flexibility of the cloud, and comes with a new interface that arose from a “complete rethink” of the user experience.

According to Microsoft, feedback from the over 300 partners and customers who have already tested the product has been “amazingly” positive.

It also noted that the Australia and New Zealand-based firm Citta Design, will become one of the first retail Dynamic AX clients in the world when it officially goes live on 1 June.

Grant Taylor, COO for Citta Design, described Dynamics AX as “the revolution we have been waiting for”, adding that the Azure platform, integration with Office 365 and the new PowerBI data visualisation tools will enable them to get to “the front of the pack”.

Microsoft has focused on business intelligence because a large part of the value of a system like Dynamics AX lies in its ability to “turn data into intelligent insights and to deliver outcomes from those insights”, Leonard explained.

Dynamics AX, together with Azure SQL and PowerBI, delivers near real-time analytics, embedded pervasively within the application.

“Users don’t need to leave their work to use a separate analytics tool – the business intelligence they need is right in the application,” Leonard said.

For partners, he added, the new release also opens up opportunities for the creation of industry solutions that can be deployed in a repeatable way in the Microsoft Azure Marketplace.

Image credit: Microsoft