The Inside Track: No bullshit? What its IPO docs tell us about Atlassian


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  1. Much more interesting than nuggets of Atlassian company is the throwaway from Bloomberg ( mined from “Atlassian shifts to the UK, on paper”:

    “The company sees a U.K. domicile as more attractive to overseas investors, as the country’s foreign-investment regime is more relaxed and its corporate law is better understood than regulations in Australia…”

    Is it possible we left home far too early? Or is it normal for younglings to forget what their parents have to teach? Or is Australia really truly the Last Bastion of Communism?

  2. Atlassian is the kind of company that Peter Ellyard talked about in the Commission for the Future in the late 80’s. I don’t blame Atlassian one bit for leaving this Antipodean quarry that has ignored the value added tech that Ellyard told us to strive for.

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